Want To Buy The Jet Powered Batmobile

This car has only recently been completed and just has under two thousand miles on the clock. It is powered by a cool turbine engine that sounds fantastic, check out the video to see. The jet powered Batmobile in deep black can be yours for $620k, it is for sale on eBay and it is not an auction, this is the “Buy It Now” price, your PayPal account would have a heart attack paying for this baby.

These are the features and specs for the World’s only jet turbine powered Batmobile;

Fully independent, cockpit adjustable suspension with disc brakes

Steel tubular space/monocoque chassis

4 forward speed semi-automatic, sequentially shifted transmission with reverse

365 horsepower Boeing turbo shaft engine

Fiberglas and aluminium coachwork

Digital avionics and centrally mounted touch-screen iPad with 3G

Fuel cell and racing approved on-board halon fire extinguishing system

Approx. 2800 lbs.

DOT approved turn-signals, tail, and headlights

On-board air-compressor


Air horn

Runs on Jet A, Kerosene, or Diesel fuel

Priced at $620k in the US or if your prefer £389K

Source [Geeks Are Sexy]