Rare Apple (TAM) Sold On Ebay

Sometimes you gets some real gems on the auction site eBay, in this case it is a gem, but on the rather expensive side none the less. This 1997 edition of the Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh (TAM) turned up on eBay, it is an original machine that was designed to celebrate twenty years of Apple in April 1996, but this machine failed to impress and when you look at the specs you will see why!

These are the specs and features for the Rare Apple Twentieth Anniversary Macintosh 20th Mac;


Processor: PowerPC 603e running at 250 MHz.

Memory: 32MB of RAM expandable to 128 MB via two DIMM slots, 256k L2 cache.

Display: back-lit 12.1″ active-matrix LCD screen was capable of 24-Bit colour at 800 x 600

Drives: 1.44 MB floppy drive, 4x CD-ROM (max speed available for vertical drives)

Expansion: 1 PCI slot, Communications slot for an ethernet card or internal modem. Also comes with an integrated TV/FM Radio System, and S-Video Input.

Operating Systems:

Mac OS: Mac OS 7.61-8.0

Rhapsody: Rhapsody for PowerPC CR1.

Windows: 3.1-95, NT via PC compatibility card or via emulation

OpenStep: all versions (commonly 4.2) via emulation or PC compatibility card.

BeOS: all releases.

ProDOS: ProDOS 8 via emulation.

GS/OS: System 6.01 via emulation.

Sold on eBay for a final price of $7,300

Source [Geeky Gadgets]