Cool Looking Steampunk Mobile Phone

You find that most things can be steampunked and if you like that style, some are really very good. However, one thing that does get steampunked is mobile phones, this is because they are expensive and we like to show off our latest model. Yet we are also always having to upgrade in order to keep up with out pals. Not with this phone, for this is a steampunked phone, not a case or cover a phone and it will never need to upgraded either because it is a classic.

These are the details and features for the Neovictorian CELL Phone;

Neovictorian CELL Phone in wooden chassis.

Not a high tech multifunction device, but outstanding.

Beats any latest cell gadgets if You wanna show-off 🙂

Entirely hand made .Unique. One of the kind. One piece only.

Slight usage traces.

One button gets stuck occasionally ( arrow down )

Mainboard – Sagem X5m.

Menu in english and german available.


No Simlock

Charger included ( 230 V )

Battery stands for 1-3 days ( thats approx, depends on usage )

Priced at $350 in the US or £225 in the UK

Source [Gajitz]