Does This Robot Look Familiar

This the latest robot to come out of Korea, it has been designed to work in nursing homes and is able to carry out a range of functions such as taking blood pressure and checking the pulse. However, it does look a little like R2-D2, but that could be a good thing as it is familiar and would really go down well around kids! Check out the functions on offer and remember that this robot is actually being trailed in a nursing home in Australia.

These are the features of the ED-7270 medical robot;

Various services through the functions of Zigbee and RFID reader

Recognition of the robot’s position and direction

Various training contents using the dialogue language (programs)

Image processing by the Fan/Tilt USB camera

Human-friendly design to interact with the human being

Ideal for the ubiquitous and home network based experiments

Home security experiments in utilization of its unattended security function

Robot Control API using Visual C++ and control function by Visual Basic Scripter

Next generation cell (Lithium Ion) – compact size and increase in life time

Source [Technabob]