Smart Metal Design Case For The iPhone

When you spend so much of your hard earned cash on a Smartphone, then shelling out £70 ($100) may not seem such a huge amount to pay out simply for a case. In fact, this is an Element Vapor Comp case; it is made from Aluminium and has a very smart modern design, just what the iPhone 4 owner would expect for the status of the coolest Smartphone around.

These are the features for the Element Vapor Comp case for the iPhone;

Element Case Vapor Comp from Element Case on Vimeo.

CNC machined aircraft grade aluminium frame

TPU elastomer inner liner and grip

CNC machined power button

Polycarbonate cap

Integrated volume control

Large peripheral support

Stainless steel screws

Protective Ultrasuede® back plate

Price at $100 in the US and around £70 in the UK

Source [Cool Material]