The Next Big Apple Announcement

Forget about the iPhone 5, we all know that is just around the corner it is the iPad 3 that will be making all of the headlines next. However, production costs could mean that the next iPad is more expensive and so will Apple be able to compete with the other tablet makers or do they have a big enough fan base to know that they will pay almost anything to get their hands on the latest Apple goodies.

It looks like the battery is key here, the Apple designs needs a lighter and thinner battery that offers longer life, this is possible but the cost could be up to thirty per cent more. This leaves Apple with a dilemma do they go ahead and announce this new iPad next year or wait it out and continue with the iPad 2? It seems that the later would be the sensible thing to do, but Apple was not built on going with convention was it!

Source [Macgasm]