Nintendo Having Trouble Getting Wii U To Work

In an apparent admission that the all new Wii U from Nintendo does not work properly, it seems that the release date of June next year, may not be entirely in line with development and it need to be delayed until September or even later depending on how the development goes.

Currently the issue is with the wireless controller, an insider is saying; that the design has been rushed through and as a result does not work, even as they work with the wired controller it would seem that everything is not as it should be. but new products do have teething problems and this could easily just be something like that and nothing to worry about at all.

According to the source who was speaking to 01net;

‘So far, the Wii controller U’s main chipset – that manages the device’s essential functions, including streaming and wireless – seems inadequate. This chip, described by our source as maybe a tad too cheap, has been the sources of many headaches in recent weeks. So far, the wireless functions simply do not work – at all.’

Source [IT Pro Portal]