BT Fibre Monopoly Fears TalkTalk

Is BT attempting to control the latest fibre broadband services, this is the question being asked by one of the UK’s largest internet service providers (ISP) TalkTalk, who have one again been airing their concerns over the way that BT sells at wholesale to other ISP’s.

According to TalkTalk’s group commercial director David Goldie in an interview with the Observer;

“At all times BT is thinking about how it can recover the monopoly position that it lost many years ago. I don’t think that is going to represent good value for the British taxpayer.”

In response a spokesperson from BT said;

“Unlike other companies, BT has provided reciprocal wholesale access to its fibre network from the outset. This allows other operators to piggyback off our investment, while encouraging competition and the take-up of fibre services to thrive. We’ve also volunteered to provide additional forms of wholesale access via our ducts and poles.”

This is a hard call, for it is BT who is spending around £2.5 billion on the fibre roll out and according to BT, their wholesale prices are around 12% cheaper per metre than in Europe. So it seems that there are definitely two sides to this story and as for the consumer, as per usual they are stuck in the middle.

Source [IT Pro]