Its Super Mario In A Box

Mario must be getting on these days; he first appeared in the early 80’s trying to save a girl from Donkey Kong. However, here he is again, still fighting the baddies and still in a game. Except this time the game is different as it is more analogue than digital, in fact it is housed in a box, which new and interesting, check it out in the video to decide for yourself if this is cool or not cool!

This is what the maker of the game had to say about this interesting Mario game in a box;

Video Game in a Box from Teague Labs on Vimeo.

It’s a video game in a box! Using a Teagueduino and a few inputs and outputs, we put together a physical side-scrolling video game. To control it, there’s a knob on the side. As time advances the game gets faster and faster – can you avoid all the obstacles and make it to the end? Watch the second half of the video for an overview of how everything is hooked up.

Source [Geeks Are Sexy]