Some Geeks Actually Wear Ties

It is a fact of life that some folks have to wear ties for work, it is the dress code and there is nothing that can be done about it. However, just because you have to wear a tie, it does not mean that your geekiness cannot shine through. Check out this Space Invader tie, it has the familiar pattern, comes in different colours and you can bet your life that the boss will not notice it, result! Unless they are a sci-fi fan, in which case, double result!

These are the details for the fascinating Invaders – Silk standard width necktie in six colour choices;

They came from outer space!!! Out of this world standard width 100% SILK tie with bit mapped invaders design inspired by the original 70/80s video game. The ties are screen printed and ready to ship and are available in six colour choices.

Baby blue on a navy tie.

Dove gray on a white tie.

Gold on a dark green tie.

Silver on a black tie.

Gray on a silver tie.

Silver on purple tie.

Priced at $30 in the US and for UK buyers the price is around £20

Source [Technabob]