The Original iPhone Prototype c1983

Yes, that is no typo, this Apple was designed in 1983 by the famed designer Hartmut Esslinger, even back then they were toying with the idea of a touch screen interface combined with a phone, all be it in this case a land line phone and in any case mobile phones were seriously expensive back then!

Hartmut Esslinger was the person who came up with the design for the Apple IIc you know the one, that supposedly portable computer with a nine inch green screen flat style monitor in tow, it was portable so long as you had a wheel barrow handy. Never the less this gives the iPhone prototype more credit back then and in fact, you can see a touch of the Newton in there too.

This early touch screen device would have been way ahead of its time then and yet it would take another twenty years or so for the iPhone to come out and change the way that we use phones.

Source [Gajitz]