Get Yourself Some Reserve Power

Gadgets are great, but batteries are not and for as long as we need battery power, there is always going to be a need for some sort of additional way of getting power into the battery that never lasts as long as they say it will! The solution is reserve power; these units store power such as the Juice Pack Reserve from Mophie, this device will give the device a power boost, which in cases can literally be a life saver, in more way than one. Yet it also means the end to the saying, “My battery is running low!”.

These are the features and details for the juice pack reserve for the iPod & iPhone;

Advanced Battery Cell – Special high-output battery allows for ultra fast charging with its rechargeable 700mAh lithium polymer battery

No Charging Cables! – Flexible USB and hidden connector stay concealed until you’re ready to charge.

Sustainable – Improved conversion efficiency, which means more power actually makes it to the device. (80% vs. our 90%)

Design – Two-tone metallic & soft-touch finish with a Protected 30-pin connector distinguishes the reserve.

Power Status – Track battery power status at a glance with an integrated LED power indicator. Indicates charging mode and current battery life.

Priced at $34.95

Source [Cool Material]