Portable Tablet Keyboard With Retractable Keys

We like the idea of using a portable keyboard with a tablet now and then, but they tend to get so dirty that after a while it is a bit embarrassing. However, this Portable Bluetooth Keyboard with Retractable Keys called the Levitatr seems to be the answer to this and other issues.

The keys retract leaving a smooth easy to wipe surface, we know that it is going to be knocked but there will be no accidental key presses here. It is a pity that the device is not currently on sale and judging by the Kickstarter total they have a long way to go.

These are the details of the Levitatr keyboard;

Measuring in at only 12.5mm thick, Levitatr is an aluminium Bluetooth keyboard accessory for iPads, iPhones, iPods and other devices. When ready to be used, the keys elevate out of the face of the keyboard and backlighting turns on to illuminate the key lettering. When not in use, the keys can be lowered back into the face of the keyboard and backlighting turns off, making the key lettering disappear. Built into Levitatr is an aluminium precision-machined kickstand (aka ALUMNM) that folds out and holds virtually every mobile device between a 20 and 30° angle (depending on device thickness).

This is currently on the Kickstarter programme where backers can pledge from $1 up to $500

Source [Oh Gizmo]