Scientists Create Flying Robo Hacker And Call It SkyNET

I have said this before and no doubt I will have to say it again and again, “Don’t scientists go to the movies or watch TV?” because I sure that if they did, the flying drone that can attack wireless networks and turn them into botnets, would not be named SkyNET!

Having said that this is the work of the Stevens Institute of Technology, they have taken the Parrot AR Drone, paired it with a Linux computer and given it a 3G mobile broadband connection; in total the build cost around $600 (£450). It is clear that there are plenty of applications that this device can be used for, but SkyNET, come on!

According to Sven Dietrich, who is the assistant professor in computer science at the Stevens Institute of Technology;

“You can bring the targeted attack to the location,” says Dietrich. “[Our] drone can land close to the target and sit there—and if it has solar power, it can recharge—and continue to attack all the networks around it.”

Source [Coolest Gadgets]