The iPhone Holder In A Belt Buckle

If there is one place where your iPhone is going to be safe and secure, it has to be somewhere around your waste and what better place is there than your belt buckle. This EXO7 has a cage like appearance so you know that it is going to be safe, secure and easily accessible when a call comes in!

These are the details for the smart looking EX07 iPhone holster belt buckle;

This amazing piece works either as a belt buckle but also comes complete with attachments to make it into a belt (comes with a metal piece you actually loop your belt through on which it hangs-see image 4) or pocket holster (see image 3 for pocket attachment). Your phone sits secure inside the brass or aluminium sheath and when you want to use your phone simply flip the case top and remove your iPhone for use. The sides are inlaid with beautiful Pau Ferro wood. The top moves easily on stainless steel hinges and is held firmly shut with a strong rare earth magnet.

Priced at $300 in the US, while in the UK it is going to cost around £195

Source [Geeky Gadgets]