The Pirate Party Launches Movie Site

The Czech based arm of the Pirate Party has backed another file sharing site as part of the campaign known as ‘Linking is Not a Crime’. The new site is being called a Facebook for movies and as it happens it is the forth site of its kind to start up in just a couple of months.

The sites do not actual share anything other than a link, so they cannot be accused of hosting copyrighted material for sharing purposes, but even linking to copyrighted material get you into trouble as a recent case involving a high school student highlighted.

According to the Party Vice President Mikuláš Ferjencik he told TorrentFreak;

“The Czech anti-piracy union does not know what to do. They are probably focusing on the court action with the Liberec student, with the hope that they might claim eventually that all our websites are illegal. They also do not want to give us publicity and they do not have much to say about it really as our sites actually are legal.”

“As a party, we do not want to depend on the finances from web advertising that’s why all of our linking sites are strictly non-commercial. On the other hand, I must emphasize that there’s nothing wrong about running commercial linking websites, after all Google and have been doing this for a long time,” adds Ferjencik.

Source [Torrent Freak]