The UK Launch Date for The iPhone 5 Will Be

There must be hundreds of rumours surrounding the launch of the new iPhone 5, but all these claims cannot be true and yet at the same time there must be some truth in there somewhere.

Now by far the best one is that the iPhone 5 will be launched in the UK on the 21st October, according to Knowyourmobile. It seems that they simply spoke to customer services at O2. During the conversation, the rep seems to have said that they would have a stock of the new phone on by that date.

According to a slip at the Vodafone website, the new device will be coming in white as well as black; it seems that Apple has that base covered then if that is true.

So there are plenty to chose from, but whatever way you look at it, sometime in October has to be the favourite and so I had better make plans to join the queue, it could be a long wait!

Source [Huffington Post]