The Daily iPad Only Newspaper Hits The UK

The Daily is a newspaper designed for the iPad, it is an app that is downloaded from the iTunes site free of charge; however, The Daily is not a free paper, it paid for by subscription, £27.99 for the year, which works out around 69p per day.

Inside The Daily, there will be sections on News, Business, Gossip, Fashion Week, Opinion, Apps & Tech and Sports, however currently the content is definitely aimed at the US reader.

These are the features and details for The Daily iPad app;

7 sections updated every day: News, Business, Gossip, Opinion, Arts & Life, Apps & Games, and Sports

Over 100 pages of original content every single day of the year—designed for the iPad

World-class editors and contributors like Sasha Frere-Jones (Arts & Life) and Gary Vaynerchuk (Business)

360-degree photos and immersive photography that take you deeper inside the story

Interactive charts, info-graphics and clickable hot spots

In-app commenting — including audio comments

Your favorite sports’ teams scores, news and photos

You can save articles to read later and share them with your friends e-mail, Twitter and Facebook

This is free app available from the iTunes Store

Source [Gigaom]