App That Tweets About Your Snoozing Habits

This is a fun free app for the iPhone called Okite, which actually means “Wake Up!” but if the user fails to wake up and instead hits the snooze button on the device, the app will send a an embarrassing tweet to the users Twitter account for all to see!

These are the features and details for the Okite alarm app;

OKITE is a twitter-synchronizing alarm clock application, designed for those night-owls that just cannot wake up after a night of tweeting. At the set time, the alarm goes off and gives the user a choice between getting their day started or hitting snooze and suffering the consequences. If the user decides to “snooze,” the application tweets a random, and usually slightly embarrassing phrase to their timeline. Every time the user snoozes, their followers see them tweeting something weird.

This is a free app available from the iTunes Store in the UK and the US

Source [Incredible Things]