Angry Birds Hits US Productivity

There is no doubt that Rovio’s Angry Birds Game was one of the runaway successes of 2010, in fact because of the mobile nature of the game it is also having an effect on the US Economy because of people playing the game when they should be working!

According to recent research, it seems that as much as $1.5 billion in productivity could be down to employees grabbing a quick game or two when they should be working, it is not hard to see why as it is estimated that Americans are still playing this game for around two hundred million minutes every day!

The theory is that even if just five per cent of this are at work, then that relates to the forty three million hours of lost productivity and this is just in the US, if we make this a world wide feature then it could be said that Angry Birds have played a part in the current financial crisis.

Source [Gear Fuse]