Hack iPhone 4 To Make Logo Glow

This has to be one of the coolest hacks for the iPhone 4 it is called the iPatch and turns an ordinary iPhone 4 into a super cool looking iPhone 4! Sure there is a one on the way, but that does not mean that user of the iPhone 4 cannot still be cool. In fact, most of the users of the new iPhone 5 will be suits anyway and most of them will not be using all of the features either. However, this hack on the other hand will make the iPhone 4 look super cool for a long time yet!

These are the details for the hack from the iPatch site;

At this moment in time, the final design has been implemented and the mod is in the testing phase to eliminate any unforeseen issues and to generally road test the product for durability and safety. We expect to release the mod to the public before mid October, at an estimated price of £50 – £100 depending on mass production costs. What iPatch can confirm and to also help answer many of the questions

Priced at $159 in the US or £100 in the UK

Source [Pinot Tutorial]