Windows 8 Developer Tablets For Sale On eBay

Last week at the Microsoft BUILD Conference all five thousand developers were given a Samsung developer preview tablet, in the hope that it would encourage them to produce some interesting apps for the device. However, it seems that cash is king and many of these exclusive BUILD tablets are turning up on eBay! Does this mean that developing apps for Windows 8 is low down on the priority list for developers or is just a way of making a quick buck!

These are the base specs that the buyer can expect to find on the Samsung Tablet;

Second Generation Intel Core i5

Samsung Super PLS 1366 x 768 display



64GB solid state HD

Sensors, USB, micro SD, HDMI

11.6′ diagonal, 909g, 12.9mm

The Buy It Now price is $3,500, which is around £2,800 in the UK!

Source [CNet]