Arcade Style Washing Machine

This interesting design is the idea of Lee Wei Chen, who is an Design MA student at Kingston University. The idea is for a washing machine, but clearly, there is a bit of arcade influence creeping in there too, although it is not quite clear as to why this washing machine has an arcade game on top of it, or has built into an arcade game machine!

It turns out that the success of the gamer influences the completion of the washing cycle, so it seems that if the user of the washing machine has to complete the game in order for the washing cycle to finish; failure means more money in the machine.

According to Chen’s course leader, Colin Holden, he said;

‘He’s chosen two instantly recognisable objects – a washing machine and an arcade game – to illustrate this idea. Together the two objects produce a striking new electronic device. It’s an extremely well-executed design concept.’

Would you have such a washing machine in your home or should washing dirty clothes and gaming be kept in separate room’s altogether?

Source [Design Week]