Facebook Drinks Deal Sparks Underage Fear

The world’s largest social networking site, Facebook has signed a multi million dollar deal with this drinks company Diageo and immediately fuelled fears that underage drinking will increase because of the advertising on the site! The deal works well for Diageo who will be able to target the young people using Facebook. However, health experts are worried that younger impressionable children will be exposed to this advertising and that could cause problems.

According to a spokesperson at Facebook;

“We care a lot about people, young and old, and we know that the people who use Facebook will enjoy it more – and carry on enjoying it – if they learn more about using the internet in the safest possible way. We’re keen to ensure Facebook is one of the safest places on the internet for users of all ages which is why we’ve already been working hard alongside industry experts such as Childnet to put in place features like our safety centre.”

They continued by saying;

“It shouldn’t be forgotten that making sure services are age-appropriate isn’t an issue that is confined to Facebook – teens and young people use the wider internet every day, often accessing websites and online services that offer few or no safety tools. We feel that the best solution to using services in an age-appropriate way is for service providers like Facebook to carry on working with parents, safety experts and kids themselves to aid education and understanding.”

Source [Guardian]