Scotland Want To Launch The DotScot Suffix

Scotland are making moves to create a national top level domain (TLD), the Scottish government have for a long time sort the creation of the .scot suffix, in fact it was first realistically spoken about back in 2008!

But changes at The International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (Icann) means that the .scot suffix stand more chance than ever on being accepted as a national domain for Scotland.

According to Alex Neil, who is the cabinet secretary for infrastructure and capital investment, in Scotland, he said;

“I am sure the UK government with its responsibility for internet governance will want to support us. Across the board support would undoubtedly strengthen our hand and build momentum behind the bid.”

He continued by saying;

“DotScot will be a wonderful asset for establishing a distinctive online identity for many organisations and people who have been described as the worldwide family of Scots and want to demonstrate that identity online.”

Source [BBC]