The Talking Dead Will Follow The Walking Dead

As the launch date for season two of the Walking Dead approaches it seems that we will grab anything that is related to the show and in this case the next interesting item will be the after show series the Talking Dead. it is one of those live discussion after shows, where the audience, crew and cast will be able to discuss the show in detail. the half hour show will follow each episode in the US, whether this is so elsewhere is anyone’s guess at the moment!

Walking Dead Try Talking Dead

According to the press release from AMC;

The live after show will be hosted by Nerdist podcaster and Web Soup host Chris Hardwick and will premiere after the encore presentation of TWD’s Season 2 premiere on October 16th. After that, starting Friday, November 4th, the series will premiere after the show’s encore presentation at 11 PM, presumably airing on Friday nights each week after that.

Source [Dread Central]