How To Live Your Life Better

Normally when we speak about a new game the main thing that we never speak about is the amount of time that the player will be spending on it, well this may look like a game. However, Mindbloom is something that has been created to help the user manage their time much better by prioritizing things that are the most important to them. The system uses a lifetree or several lifetrees in fact, with sun being the inspiration and of course rain will be the daily actions. It is certainly different and may not be everyone’s idea of good fun, but it would not do for everyone to be the same!

This is what the Mindbloom people have to say about this site;

Mindbloom Incorporated is a Seattle-based interactive media company that’s out to make life improvement accessible to everyone. By harnessing next-generation engagement techniques and focusing them on personal development, Mindbloom has created a new, powerful way for people to improve the quality of their lives. Utilizing behavioural science, personalized rich media, and fun social gaming techniques in their offerings Mindbloom makes the process of personal growth fun, simple and effective.

Source [Venture Beat]