The Alarm That Makes Sure The Sleeper Is Awake

For some people waking up in the morning is literally a nightmare, so for these heavy sleepers some serious design in the alarm department and this brilliant design would seem to be exactly what is needed to make sure that sleepyhead gets up and is never late for work again.

These are the main details for Jamie McMahon’s Acoustic Alarm;

The Acoustic Alarm has been hand crafted from 2mm thick birch plywood, walnut and stainless steel. The body which is made from the birch plywood has been finished with a clear wax to keep the natural colour of the wood and to enhance the grain. The bridges, tuning pegs and string pick have been made from walnut to give a contrast in the shades of wood, as well as give strength to the pieces with most tension. The stainless steel knobs and switch give highlight to the product and make it clear that they control the alarm. The alarm is set by turning the steel knobs to the desired time (top for hours and bottom for minutes) and then flicking the switch to the ‘on’ position.

There are no prices or availability for this interesting concept at the moment.

Source [Oh Gizmo]