Tighter Rules For Mobile Apps On The Way

It would seem that there are worries that consumers are being misled and over charged by mobile apps and as such, the regulator PhonepayPlus is looking to cover apps with the same rules applied to premium rate services. This cannot just be applied though; the idea will need to go through a consulting period first, where guidance will be sort on the mobile app business. The problem appears to be the hidden costs associated with some mobile apps, such as offering a trail and then charging the consumer once the trial has finished.

According to a statement put out by the regulator PhonepayPlus;

“Our aim is to intervene early to ensure that those downside risks do not have a detrimental impact on consumers, children or, indeed, the many legitimate providers of innovative new digital services that we want to encourage within UK plc,”

This consultation will be closing on the 15th December and so any changes are not likely to come into force for some time.

Source [Computer Weekly]