Google Plus Enters Social Media Top Ten

The Google Plus social networking site is an interesting story, because until Google opened it up to all, it was failing. here is why; the week before it went open, Google Plus was running at No 54 in the social media chart according to Experian Hitwise with 1.1 million visits, but in July it was placed at No 42 with 1.8 million visits, so this is clear that interest in Google Plus was falling.

However, what a save! Google simply opens up the gates and lets everyone in and as a result of this action, Google Plus is now standing at No 8 with a massive 15 million visitors! This is good news for Google, but have they bolted too soon? What happens if the rise begins to stall once more, they have nothing left to throw into the mix, unless they intend transferring Orkut users across?

Source [Business Insider]