How To Teach Your Kids HTML

When the internet started to become interesting, it was HTML that ran the show, now it seems that the art of coding has been lost. However, as with everything if you are able to catch them early enough the kids can become an expert in languages of all types including HTML, which is where this cool book comes in handy! You never know you learn something yourself in the process.

These are the features for the only book that kids will ever need;

You know, it’s never too early to be standards compliant. When your wee one makes their first splash on the web, you want them to have grown up speaking HTML as a second language. (And maybe Perl, but we’re a little biased.) Sit down with this board book and teach your wee geek about the building blocks of the web. Written by a web designer for his baby, this book is adorable and educational, our favorite combination!

Priced at $9.99

Source [Incredible Things]