Legal Action Against UK File Sharers Starts

Just when the law firm ACS:Law pulls out of pursuing UK individuals for alleged file sharing, it seems that there is another firm willing to step up and carry on where ACS:Law failed. This time it is a firm called Golden Eye (International) Ltd, it is firm with connects with the UK based porn brand Ben Dover and they have already begun pursuing people who have been alleged to be file sharers, no doubt this time the content is porn related.

Golden Eye and its lawyers, Tilly Bailey & Irvine (TBI) are preparing to obtain the contact details of people who may seem an easy touch for a few hundred pounds, to save the embarrassment of the story reaching the newspapers.

According to the court documents filed by Golden Eye;

On 27th November 2009, the Claimant [Golden Eye] believes the defendant unlawfully made all or part of the film [Fancy an Indian?] available from his IP address for downloading by third parties.

On 29th September 2010, the Claimant sent a letter before action to the Defendant setting out in full its claim for breach of copyright. The Defendant failed to reply. The Claimant sent another letter to the Defendant on 8th November 2010 to which no response was received. The Claimant claims £700 for breach of copyright.

We will be keeping an eye on things here, to see just what happens next in this on-going saga.

Source [Torrent Freak]