The Battlefield 3 Online Console Game Tournament

Virgin Gaming and EA Dice have teamed up to produce the world largest online gaming competition the Battlefield 3 Online Console Game Tournament with $1.6 million in cash and prizes at stake, winning has never been so serious.

In order to play, gamers will need to be members of Virgin Gaming, it is free to join and there is a lot of good stuff available for the PS3 User and for the Xbox 360 User, check, it out if you dare!

According the information on the Virgin Gaming website;

The biggest, most realistic, room-shaking FPS ever demands a tournament that will always be remembered. That’s why Virgin Gaming, and EA DICE have come together to bring you an online competition you’ll be telling your grandkids about. So strap on your boots and check your magazine—when the spoils of war are this rich, you can bet things are gonna get messy.

Source [Virgin Gaming]