The Shell iPad 2 Case By TRTL BOT

There are of course a lot cases to choose from for the iPad 2, but it has to be said that according to the specs, the Shell from TRLT BOT does look to have the edge over most of the competition. it comes in Charcoal Black, Arctic White and Grass Green, is made from recycled plastic in the USA and offers the device total protection, from scratches, marks and even drops, although it is not recommended to see it that one is actually true or not!

These are the specs and features for the Shell Eco-Functional iPad 2 Case;

Multipurpose Handle – designed for carrying the iPad 2 but doubles as a multimedia stand for watching videos or typing

Child Friendly Retractable Home Button Protector – Ensures apps and settings will be safe when sharing your iPad with your family

Volume Enhancer – unique design that redirects the speaker output forward, increasing the volume while giving the user a more immersive experience

Strategically Designed Openings – enables users to easily attach a lanyard for effortless toting or connecting with other accessories

The price if pre-ordered with be $50, after the 20th October the price will be $65

Source [Coolest Gadgets]