British Filmgoers Are Not Seeing 3D

It seems that not all of the film going Brits are seeing 3D as a viable alternative to the standard movie format according to a poll carried by YouGov. Out of the 2,796 people asked, on 47 per cent said that they would choose a 3D movie over the traditional 2D version and to make it worse 48 per cent said, that they would not be prepared to pay more money to see a movie in 3D! So despite the success of James Cameron’s “Avatar” and the introduction of 3D TV, the consumer is divided on whether the extra dimension is worth all of the hassle or not.

These are the findings from the YouGov cinema goer poll

22% of British cinema goers feel that 3D cinema improves the cinema experience

47% either thought 3D made no difference, or made it worse

Just 19% feel that 3D improves the quality of a film

But 41% think that 3D is just a gimmick

When asked whether they would be more likely to see a film in 3D or 2D, if it was being shown in both formats, at the same time and for the same price, under half (47%) said they would choose to see the film in 3D

Less than two in five (37%) said they would view it in 2D

In most cinemas it costs more to watch a film in 3D than in 2D, but our poll shows that over a third of people would choose to see a film in 2D, even if it was the same price to see it in 3D

While just under half (48%) of British cinema goers would not pay any more money to see a film in 3D instead of 2D

49% of those polled agreed with the statement that the hype about 3D films was a phase that would pass

Source [Tech Radar]