What Does One Minute On Internet Look Like

It is hard to imagine the internet as being anything else than something that can only be seen through a screen or monitor! It means that when we describe the internet everyone has a different idea because everyone uses the internet for different things, such as work, entertainment and business. Therefore, if we asked what one minute of the internet would look like, we would get all sorts of answers. To illustrate what happens within one minute on the net there are these stats;

694,445 Google search queries, 600 videos YouTube videos uploaded, 695,000 status updates, 79,364 wall posts, 510,040 comments on Facebook and 98,000 tweets

To further show just what goes on in one minute, there is this smart info graphic seen on go-gulf.com, this has some interesting data on what goes on in just sixty seconds on the internet!

Source [CBS News]