Japanese Developers Come Up With Invisibility Cloak

In the news video, they say that this technology developed back in 2003, but the research team led by Dr. Susumu Tachi, from Keio University are using retro reflective projection technology, which uses computers, video cameras and projectors to reproduce the background onto the clothing. There are so many different applications for this technology, if the price is right.

These are the details for the cool invisibility cloak;

The technology comes from 2003, but it’s developers say the Harry Potter-like invisibility cloak is just the beginning. The team, led by Dr. Susumu Tachi, from Keio University, is now adapting their findings to help pilots, drivers, doctors and others.   Retro-reflective projection technology uses a computer, a video camera and projector to shine background images onto the front of a subject wearing specialised clothing, creating the illusion of invisibility.   What makes the technology unique is a fabric made of glass beads only 50 microns wide, which can reflect light directly back at the source, much like the screen in a cinema.

Source [Xcite Fun]