Minimal Bike Is Almost Invisible

Motor bikes are cool; they are powerful, good looking and just ooze power and speed! well that is what some motor bike owners think, in which case they should be shown this motor bike design, it is by Joey Ruiter (a.k.a. Jruiter) of “Super Minimal City Bike” and naturally they are calling it the Moto Undone and why not! It’s true that this bike is about as minimal as you could get, so who would buy such a machine in the first place. Well it is electrically powered and its body reflects its surroundings making it almost invisible, enough said!

This is what Joey Ruiter had to say about the reasoning behind the Super Minimal City Bike;

At jruiter I.D., we want to re-set the definition of a motorbike, stripping away historical attributes that make them so great. It’s hard to imagine a motorcycle without fancy paint, overpowered motors, exposed mechanical genius, and sweet exhaust tones.

Source [Gajitz]