This Floppy Disk Has The Force

This is a definite piece of cool tech, it’s a couple of 3.5 inch floppy drives that have had a slight bit of modification so that somehow they end up producing the Imperial March from Star Wars or if you like the alternative name, its Darth Vader’s theme tune!

This is what the maker has to say about it;

It’s nothing new and it’s very simple. The sound comes from a magnetic head moved by stepper motor. To make a specific sound, head must be moved with appropriate frequency.

FDD has a simple interface – the description may be found for example [ HERE ]. To move the head you need to activate the drive by pulling the DRVSB0 or 1 (depends on the cable you have and the connector – notice the crossover on the FDD ribbon cable) pin low and then falling edge on STEP pin makes the head move one step in direction dependent on DIR pin state.

An ATMega microcontroller is generating those frequencies and it makes the drives play music.

Source [Gadget Review]