Google Opens eBook In The UK

After signing up several large UK based publishers, Google have opened up the UK eBook store. For Google this means taking on a market that has been dominated by Amazon for many years and in order to gain a foothold, they have deals signed with the likes of Hachette, Penguin and Random House, as well as others. They claim that they will be able to offer thousands of titles for sale and around two million books already in the public domain completely free of charge.

According to Jason Hanley, who is the strategic partner development manager with Google;

“We’ve been working with publishers for some time to build new online revenue sources for writers and publishers, and this is the next step in that direction. With Google eBooks, readers can access their books across a variety of devices; publishers have an open platform for selling their works; and booksellers have an easy-to-implement way to sell digital books in addition to their existing offering.”

Source [PC Pro]