The Colourful Hex Nano Watch

As Apple is sticking with the current iPod design, it means that firms such as Hex are able to offer a revamped version of the popular Icon Watch Bands. In fact, the company have introduced a variety of interesting colours such as; blue, green, purple, white and black, all with an interesting ceramic style finish! This is a great way to wear the cool iPod Nano in a place where you know it is not going to go missing.

According to the Hex Press Release;

The HEX Icon utilizes the clock feature on the iPod Nano creating a fashionable and functional watch, featuring integrated buttons and easy access to the iPod Nano’s 30-pin connector for compatibility with other accessories. The Icon line offers consumers a chic and stylish accessory with easy-access to iPod Nano’s Multi-Touch screen. Wrapped to the wrist with the adjustable polycarbonate link bracelet and locked on with the push button stainless steel clasp, the matte finish Icon line comes in five colours including blue, green, purple, white and black and have a ceramic-like texture.

Priced at around $40 (£28)

Source [Coolest Gadgets]