This Robot Hides Inside The Wall Until Needed

Sometimes you really have to wonder about researchers and scientists, do they not read books or watch TV & Film at all! Because if they did the idea of creating a robot that can get inside the cavity of wall and then when the time is right rip its way through into the building would never leave the drawing board.

Zwischenräume – Interstitial Spaces from petra gemeinboeck on Vimeo.

Yet here we are looking at this concept idea of a robot that can do that, now that is really going to help me get to sleep tonight!

These are the details for the robot that hides in the wall;

A robotic installation by robococo (Petra Gemeinboeck & Rob Saunders) ZWISCHENRÄUME (Interstitial Spaces) explores the anatomical trauma of a machine-augmented environment by embedding autonomous robots into the architectural fabric of everyday life. Each machine agent is equipped with a motorised hammer, surveillance camera, and a microphone to interact and network with the other machines by re-sculpting its environment. The gantry robot has been developed in collaboration with Icy Labs Sydney.

Source [Technabob]