Valve Offers Spectator Mode For DOTA 2

There are those who simply cannot wait for the release of the latest Warcraft release; Defense of the Ancients 2 or as it will be referred to as DOTA 2! But on the other hand there are those gamers who would dearly love to get involved in this phenomenon but would rather see what it is all about first. So in smart move Valve will be introducing “Spectator Mode” where new gamers can watch experienced players in action, it is a great way of picking up tips and ideas for the newbie!

This is what the developers say about the game on their DoTA Blog;

If you’re looking to watch games to improve yourself, there are a number of filters you can use to find a useful game, such as one with a particular hero or player, one featuring players of specific skill levels, and so on. This is an area we expect to improve upon in the future too: if you want to learn a new hero, we want to make it really easy to find a set of replays that’ll help you quickly get a handle on it.

If you’re following a favourite competitive team, or missed a friend’s great match last night, the game will know and lead you to those replays. If you’re an experienced player who wants to expand your skill with a specific hero, or work on your teamwork as part of a specific team of heroes, we want you to be able to easily find replays that’ll let you see high level players using those heroes in matches.

Source [Wired]