Flying Drone With Red Epic Camera

This is one of those cool things that you just do not see that often, in fact not often enough that should be! First up it’s a specialist camera rig used by the German based FX studio OM Studios. Then they have mounted this expensive piece of kit onto a custom built Octocopter, yes it really does have eight props and probably needs it due to the weight of the camera etc.

The OM-Copter gives wings to the Red Epic from omstudios on Vimeo.

The advantages here is that they are able to produce some cool overhead shots from around 150 metres in the air, so there is no need for cranes and other equipment, the only problem is if the engine packs in and somebody has to try and catch the camera as it falls to earth.

According to the text with the video by OM Studios;

The all-new OM-Copter allows to raise the RED Epic to lofty heights without the limits of a crane or the prohibitive costs of an actual helicopter. As an intuitively remote-controlled drone, the OM-Copter makes spectacular shots at the highest quality and at a fraction of the previous costs possible. The OM-Copter is ready for take-off within just 15 minutes and can reach heights of up to 150 meters. The reach of the drone is analogous to the range of sight of the operator, usually up to 100 meters. The OM-Copter is also usable in closed quarters and it’s extreme agility makes it verse adaptable.

Source [Slash Gear]