Stress Meter Built Into A Mouse

A research team from the Tokyo Metropolitan University in Japan have been working on a concpet compact stress meter built into a computer mouse. it measures bloodflow and analyzes the differences to produce an acurate stresss level using a four point scale, in this case they are using smiley to frown, the smile is good the other end is bad.

According to the research team;

“Previous research has shown that when you analyze the pulse-rate waveform using chaos theory, you can see whether it is maintaining a certain rhythm, and this relates to how healthy a person is. We have fine tuned that system so that this measurement can serve as a stress index. You may wonder if what we’re measuring is really stress. In this regard, the clearest indicator of stress is the amount of hormones in the blood. Data from such blood analysis has about a 70% correlation with the results of our software. So it’s probably fair to interpret this measurement as an indicator of stress, like a blood test.”

Naturally there is a down side to this and that would be when you are stressed, something telling you that you are stressed is only going to make it worse!

Source [Oh Gizmo]