The Pooper Scooper That Cremates

Cleaning up after the dog has just become a lot easier with this device called the AshPoopie and it does exactly what it says. The doggy does his business; the AshPoopie is placed over it and activated, leaving a pile of sterile ash inside the device ready to be disposed of at the owner’s convenience.

According to the manufacturer of the AshPoopie device;

When your dog poos, just press a button on the device and the arm of the AshPoopie opens and extends over the poop. Press the second button and the poop is scooped up. A capsule is then released from the cartridge and mixes with the poop at high speed. In less than a minute, your dog’s smelly mess has been transformed into odourless, harmless ash. You can now safely dispose of the 100% sterile ash and retract the AshPoopie to its standard size making it easy to carry.

There are no prices or details of availability just yet, but the AshPoopie will be launch in February 2012 at the GlobalPet Expo in Orlando, Florida.

Source [Nerd Approved]