Turn A Smartphone Into A Scanning Device

Basically, a scan is photo of an object, but scanning a document requires more than just an image, as it needs to be sized up and saved into the right format. The SCANDY does this by using the powerful lens built into smart phones such as the iPhone and allows the user to take decent scan without having to keep the device still or the right distance away.

These are the details from the design team about the Scandy device and why its worth backing;

Technically, scanning a document or even a 3D object is the same as taking a photo of it. The camera lenses built into smart phones have become ridiculously powerful. What makes it difficult to scan a paper with your phone is the challenge of holding it still while at the time trying to keep it at perfect distance to the paper.

This is where SCANDY comes in. Our telescopic mechanism allows you to infinitely adjust to different paper sizes. The slick, minimalistic design approach of SCANDY will definitely “catch your eye” and help you “catch up” around the office or at home.

Pledge on the Kickstarter site from $1 (You dont get much for dollar) to $1,000 (OEM Project)

Source [Coolest Gadgets]