What Browsers Looked Like Before Internet Explorer

Love it or hate it, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer really did change the way that we accessed the internet in way that was easy and relatively fast. but before Internet Explorer was even thought of, the likes of Tim Berners Lee who was working at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory in Geneva during the 1980’s. It was here that the modern internet was created and in order for people to actually see a web page, they would need some specialist software, which we now know as a browser.

Check out what these browsers used to look like and functional they were or not as the case may be.

According to what Sir Tim Berners Lee wrote at a later date;

“The big challenge for contract programmers was to try to understand the systems, both human and computer, that ran this fantastic playground. Much of the crucial information existed only in people’s heads.”

Source [Ars Technica]