Measuring Tape Design Toilet Roll

It was how big? Well clearly for those who really want to know there is this strange idea of a toilet roll made in the style of a tape measure. It is finished in yellow and black, so therefore is perfect for heavy duty work!

These are the features for the amusing Measuring Tape Toilet Roll;

Does size matter? There’s only one way to find out… measure it! Measure body parts, bodily functions or size-up the window for new curtains.  No matter what you decide to measure, you will be relieved at the thought that everything within reach of the toilet can now be catalogued accurately.   How many sheets does it take to get to the door?  How long is your hand?  How long is the plunger?  Where did I put the air freshener? (Well it can’t tell you everything!)  For those of us who take particular pride in our toilet activities, or are simply looking for something else to do while on the pot, then the Measuring Toilet Roll is certainly an essential.

Priced at £3.99 (£6)

Source [Spinning Hat]