Scan Twitter Accounts For Spammers

There are enough risks being online without adding to it by following people on Twitter who are abusing the system and the accounts other users. A quick scan using the free Safego service from Bit Defender should sort out the friends from the users in quick time! Simply head over to the Bit Defender site and follow the instructions to make sure your friends or followers are not spammers or scammers.

These are the details on how to clean up a Twitter account for free and fast;

Safego allows you to protect those you follow by means of automatic warning messages informing them about detected threats.

Safego scans for and detects fake profiles set up to flood you with spam. It also filters your Timeline for tweets that may contain malicious links to phishing or malware pages.

This is a free tool available from the Bit Defender site

Source [Cnet]